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Hotel Beau-Rivage


November 10 & 11


Pax Galactica

On this the 1st August 2018, Switzerland celebrates the 727th anniversary of the peace treaty that symbolises its foundation. Fruit of an understanding between three peoples, three cantons, this initial pact calls for mutual assistance and wisdom when settling disagreements, while allowing each to retain its autonomy and identity. If the initial model has been refined and extended, its very essence has remained unchanged: neutral, stable and peaceful.

At this time of celebration, we may overlook the fact that it was external threats and constraints that led the Swiss, despite their cultural, religious and linguistic diversity, to seek a lasting, respectful "Pax Helvetica". If nowadays we can see the clear view from the summit it is only because we first had to climb many mountains.

The heritage preserved in pristine glaciers can only be melted by the sweltering heat of ignorance and indifference. At a time when “Space Forces” are being created, when in 272 years we will celebrate a thousand years of consensus and co-existence, is it not an opportune moment to make use of this unparalleled legacy? Do armies serve to wage war or defend peace?

If it is probable that other planets, even some within our Galaxy, are inhabited, it is unlikely that any have such a diversity as the Earth. Our differences are a source of strength; our cohesion a source of pride. While the Swiss model may not be exportable as is, it can at least be a source of inspiration. It behoves us to achieve the impossible; to strive for peaceful coexistence from which a respectful tolerance of the Other will emerge.

August 2291 - A thousand revolutions around the Sun for little Switzerland. I dream that by this date we can all celebrate this peace alliance as one. Not just we, humans on Earth, but also peoples that will no doubt have been discovered by then, somewhere in this Galaxy. I dare to believe in universal wisdom, and that the best among us will know how to exalt every valley and to make low every mountain.

Wars only benefit those who trade in death. Peace is the birth right of all children, of all forms of life. To the Swiss people I would say, we have always been willing to act as mediators; let us not drop the baton prematurely. After all, you are only 727 years young.

On this the 1st August 2018, I formally and openly declare "Pax Galactica". Constructed on the foundations laid by the symbolic alliance of 1291, let us begin with our precious Earth to show how we, the people of the world, have the capacity to understand and respect one other. From there, we can promote an active and lasting peace beyond our own sphere. And learn who the wisest leaders among us are.


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