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Hotel Beau-Rivage


November 10 & 11


Célia Bouchard

For the last 120 years the most widely used energy sources on Earth have come from non-renewable sources, be they carbon-based or nuclear. These sources of energy are highly polluting at every stage: extraction, storage and use. In view of speed at which humanity is consuming this energy, the worst-case scenario is that there will be an unprecedented shortage by the end of this century, much earlier than expected by some analysts.
It is within this context of uncertainty that at the end of 2017 I decided to set up a legally 
celia tableau 4.png
constituted scientific association ''Magonia University'' to serve as a space for fundamental and applied research. This university is based on the paradigms of the cosmological model ''Magonia'', developed by myself from 1993 onwards.
It is good to seek, it is better to find!

The research mainly focuses on the development of a new type of energy extractor called the ZZ-Machine - Zugmaschine extraktor Zone null energie © (zero-point energy extractor) – along with research into quantum artificial intelligence.

I would invite you all to participate in the upcoming event, one of the highlights of which will be the lecture on ''Advanced Science and Research'', during which I will be pleased to discuss the Magonia project.

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