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Prepare to meet with
from the Galaxy

Hotel Beau-Rivage


November 10 & 11


Astonishingly historic !

Are Extra-Terrestrial beings a reality ? This is not the real question, neither if they do visit us. The real question is: Are we ready to welcome them ? When you get visit at your home, we all do a little cleaning before they show up. If we consider Earth as our home, it’s time we do some little sanitizing.

As he grows up, human is always exploring further. Our cradle, then our house, follows our village. Today, Earth has become a global village. We even went a but further than that, to the moon and beyond. We belong to a family, then to a country; it is now time that Humanity unites to become a Citizen of the Galaxy.


Yes, Star Nations are real and they do come to visit us. They are here, are willing to land “officially” and meet us. It will be astonishingly historic ! It’s time to prepare ourselves. Be full part of it and join the world first “Official First Contact” event. Welcome.

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