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Prepare to meet with
from the Galaxy

Hotel Beau-Rivage


November 10 & 11


Olivier Pahud

Your humble host has been for decades a professional magician, as well as an inventor, a serial entrepreneur, a creativity consultant and a sharp real estate expert.
Lately, he founded myracle, an association devoted to solve the impossible problems our generation is facing, by open exploring and working with the widest collective intelligency, using crowdsourcing and crossexperiences.
He initiated the first world official first contact conference to create a space where we can all meet, discover each other and come together as one, in order to finalize preparation of our Earth to become a grown Citizen of the Galaxy.
He will be hosting the conference and giving short inputs to shake what we believe is to be real so as to explore new building path for the many générations to come.
You can read some further thougths here.
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