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Prepare to meet with
from the Galaxy

Hotel Beau-Rivage


November 10 & 11


Clifford Mahooty

Indigenous people, on the planet, needs to disclose information about what the Star family created on Mother Earth, including sacred sites, society systems, technology, and spirituality connections. The humans and and all life on the Earth have to be united for survival for the coming changes. The American Indians are losing ancient knowledge, given by the Star People, and the time is now, to combine spirituality with the eco-system, so that we can contribute to the balance of the galactic orders.                                  I, as an American Indian, has studied and applied many indigenous concepts, both as a tribal
spiritual leader and professional practice as a civil/environmental justice engineer toward the improvement of the damage to the environment. I want to share the experience, that I gained when I worked on Indian reservations and the private corporate business companies. I can contribute my expertise toward the awakening of the people to be part of the Galactic Family. 
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